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About Us

Handcrafted, custom made turkey calls. Built by dedicated hunters. Field tested. Lifetime guarantee.

Here at Gobbler Down, we make calls built by dedicated turkey hunters for dedicated turkey hunters. We are not the typical call company and we are not interested in mass producing turkey calls. We value the quality and craftsmanship of each call that travels from our hands to your vest.

Since the 2009 season, Gobbler Down has done extensive research and teamed up with a custom music instrument maker to produce the finest wooden pots designed for sound quality. All of our wood is hand-selected by our instrument maker, kiln dried, and inspected for quality. We use CNC technology to produce calls with the tightest tolerances for the best sound. Each call is hand built, tuned, and tested. We at Gobbler Down remain very much a custom call company.

The prices of our custom calls remain competitive, yet you will not find a finer sound quality out there. Gobbler Down stands behind any of our turkey calls with a lifetime guarantee against defects with repair or replacement.